DICE Scraps Battlefield Premium Pass

With the reveal of DICE’s ‘back-to-roots’ title, Battlefield V last night, we learnt of a couple new features coming to this year’s iteration on the franchise. One of the more interesting alterations is that DICE will be completely doing away with the ‘Premium Pass’ addon.

So what is the plan behind the changed feature? Players will get every single map and game mode that comes out after launch completely free of charge, this will be done so that player base will not be split up into those who have the Premium pass and those who don’t.

DICE hasn’t commented yet on what the new approach to monetizing the game will be, but I’m sure we can expect a heavier influence on ‘paid’ cosmetics.

Thoughts? Let us know down in the comments below. Battlefield V releases for PS4, PC and Xbox One, October 19th.