GTA 5 Race Track Discovered Through Fan-Constructed Map

The fans of some gaming franchises are absolutely amazing. Instead of simply waiting for the developer to release new information about Grand Theft Auto 5, the loyal followers of vehicular mayhem have taken it upon themselves to make their own news. Using the blueprint pre-order bonus discussed by Rockstar Games today, the members of Reddit have created a map of the GTA 5 world that shows all the points of interest you’ll be exploring this fall.

You pretty much have to see the above image to believe it. All the users needed was a single image of a blueprint to draw this up, and while this is likely not the entirely of what players will see when they boot up GTA 5, one point of interest is worth noting. If you take a closer look at the right side of the map, a small oval can be seen. Take a look:

Although we can’t make a final call on its use, it looks to be some sort of horse-racing track, which absolutely sounds like something that would be seen in a Rockstar game. The Grand Theft Auto series is known for letting players indulge in fun side activities that have nothing to do with the main story, and betting on horses fits right in.

If you’re looking to pick up the special edition of GTA 5, it will include the standard edition, a collectible steelbook with exclusive artwork, a blueprint map, bonus outfits and cosmetics, additional weapons, a Stunt Plane Trials pack, and a special ability boost that speeds up their characters' special abilities by 25 percent. It will all be available when the game launches on PS3 and Xbox 360 Sept. 17.