Deadpool Headstand Looks Absolutely ‘Marvelous’

Outspoken, brash, and fearlessly sassy, Deadpool certainly isn’t your average Marvel anti-hero. The folks at Numbskull Designs have brought out an equally unconventional piece of merchandise Deadpool fans may just lose their heads over — an official Deadpool ‘headstand’.

Not only does this collectible pay homage to Deadpool’s self-healing ability in the most fantastic way, it also doubles as a headset or snapback rack, and adds decorative flair to whichever room it’s placed in. This isn’t just any old stand, either. The build is premium quality, and sports a weighted, flashy chrome base for maximum stability. You’ll also be able to adjust the headstand’s height within a 38 to 48 cm range.

Those interested can pre-order the officially licensed headstand today for £39.99 (approximately $56 USD).

Update: The Deadpool headstand will soon be available through Amazon and be hitting stores internationally. If you prefer the idea of Deadpool’s disembodied head, the metallic stand can be removed too (shivers).