Far: Lone Sails Launching With Enchanted Operetta & Concept Art DLC

Far: Lone Sails might be a solitary voyage through a fossilised, postapocalyptic seabed, but you won’t feel so alone while listening to its enchanted orchestral OST or gazing at its smoulderingly detailed concept art.

That’s right, accompanying its launch next month is an audiovisual bounty that consists of a 37 page digital artbook, plus a 21 track OST that’s infused with a magical kind of melancholy. It’s thoroughly atmospheric and vaguely oriental. Those interested can indulge below.

Don Schmocker, the creative lead for Far: Lone Sails, revealed the game’s desolate visuals were influenced by a number of books, films and games, including Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-sectionsDas Boot, and Journey. Suddenly, the inspirations are clear; the submarine expedition, the meticulous handiwork present in machinery and background illustrations, and the tiny traveller facing an against-all-odds pilgrimage that leads somewhere beyond.

From May 17, you’ll be able to purchase the Far: Lone Sails OST and digital artbook for $4.99 USD and $2.99 USD respectively. Far: Lone Sails and its DLC packs will be releasing via Steam, the Humble Store, and GOG.com.