Far: Lone Sails Steaming it up this May

Despondently sweet survival adventure Far: Lone Sails has lowered its release anchor onto Steam. Due on May 17, Okomotive’s debut darling transports us into a decaying, post-apocalyptic world, and says, “Just ride”.

There’s this bleak looking ocean floor, its aqueous history and natural colours completely sucked dry, but there aren’t any zombies, clickers or gory mishaps to be found here. None. This is a solitary voyage. A bittersweet dialogue between you, a machine, and the great unknown.

Far: Lone Sails dares you to explore a never-ending road, piecing together what happened to a fallen kingdom you once called home. Naturally, there’s a focus on survival. Roadblocks and wild weather threaten to throw you overboard, so you’ll need to maintain and upgrade your mechanical vessel to evade the wrath of natural hazards. Resource management comes into the play, too. Urgent situations and environmental puzzles call for clever decision making if you want to go far.

EGX Rezzed attendees will be able to test the game’s beta from April 13 – 15. Following its Steam (Windows, Mac) launch, Far: Lone Sails will continue its journey to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.