Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery Launches for Vita Today

Lucid Games (the studio behind Travel Bug) has announced on the PlayStation blog that the first episode of its puzzle adventure Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is available on the PS Vita today.

The game is about a young boy who goes to summer camp and ends up meeting Bigfoot, and from the start of the trailer you'd quickly judge it as a throwaway kids' game. It has a very cartoony style, and the puzzles range from tilting the Vita to direct an object through a maze (er… “Biggie's” intestines, that is) to using the touch screen to untangle ropes. But then we're told that not everything is as it seems, and we're introduced to some of the adults from the camp.

Mr. Grimmel, for instance, is the head of Physical Education and apparently has a “pathological hatred for kids”, which doesn't seem out of the ordinary for a P.E. teacher but could be pretty frightening for a young kid. Mr. Thagorous is the head of Science, and is apparently conducting some pretty dangerous experiments in his lab. Mr. Hans is the Groundsman who has taken his efforts to get rid of the gophers that dig up the grounds to extremes. And Mae Cook is the lunch lady who seems essentially psychotic in the trailer. Apparently the big mystery is why she is determined to supply the camp goers with so much food.

The first episode of Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery costs $2.99 on the PlayStation Store.