Sea of Thieves Update 1.02 Changes Ship Respawn Distance, Fixes Bugs

Rare’s open world social adventure title, Sea of Thieves has just received a new update for PC and Xbox One players. Most notable changes of the update include the removal of accidental ship teleportation from mermaids, causing players to lose their bounty at sea, increases ship respawn distance to stop players from griefing other players (you will now respawn at a far enough distance so that enemy players won’t be able to see you).

Other bug fixes include players falling through ships, removed temporary unresponsive state when accepting a game invite, and bounty captains no longer spawning with multiple items.

There are still a host of other changes, so check out the full patch notes down below. Sea of Thieves is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Ship respawn distance – When a ship sinks, we have significantly increased the distance at which the crews new ship will respawn. Ships will now respawn outside of visible view of the ship that sank them. This is in response to lots of player feedback which highlighted that the previous spawn distance was resulting in “griefing” behaviour and stalemates at the forts!
  • Mermaid Teleport – It is no longer possible to accidentally teleport to your ship from the mermaid whilst holding treasure items. We saw feedback that players were accidentally leaving treasure behind in the sea!

Fixed Issues

  • Players are no longer able to fall through the ship geometry and into the sea if they are to repeatedly jump on the chests/barrel located mid deck
  • The voyage image on the captain’s table now displays the rank (promotion) banner in the top right corner, to keep in line with other areas of the game UI.
  • When accepting a game invitation whilst matchmaking, the game no longer enters a temporary unresponsive state.
  • Bounty Captains will no longer spawn multiple times.

Performance Improvements

  • Multiple server and client crash fixes.

Known Issues

  • Players may experience details of their pirate (such as hair colour / scars) looking different from their initial selection.
  • Achievements earned prior to March 29th are delayed, but will be awarded once our fix is applied.
  • Some players are unable to equip a second weapon. For a potential workaround see our Support ArticleFor an update on these three issues, please read our Launch Updatewritten by Executive Producer, Joe Neate.
  • Some players have not received their Black Dog Pack code. If you pre-ordered from the official Microsoft Store, please submit a Support ticket through Support. If you pre-ordered from another retailer, please contact them to receive your code.
  • Some players cannot see their downloadable content in game.
  • Bounty quest skeletons sometimes do not spawn or cannot be found. If you encounter this bug, a potential work around is to sail away from the island until it’s out of range, and then sail back in to trigger the Island Name banners.