Vulpine Retro Platformer Fox n Forests Gets New Footage

Fox n Forests, Bonus Level Entertainment’s upcoming 16-bit inspired platformer really has its paws on the pulse. Mascot platforming, a niche most closely associated with the nineties, is seemingly on the rise again.

Slowly but surely, the 3D adventuring in Yooka-LayleeSuper Lucky’s Tale and A Hat in Time is charming the masses, improving the formula for world domination a little more each time. But 2D heroes like Bacon Man and Tanglewood are creeping back into the spotlight, too, and Fox n Forests definitely deserves a place on the podium.

Made possible through a successful kickstarter campaignFox n Forests is a season-switching adventure in which Rick (the foxy protagonist) must conquer densely decorated levels, outfox enemies with his magic melee crossbow (now that just sounds ridiculously OP) and if destiny permits, discover the secret behind the fifth season. Yes, apparently Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter have been deceiving us this whole time.

Bonus Level Entertainment recently dropped some new footage for Fox n Forests‘ second level, Gorgeous Gorge, which you can see below. If you liked Castle of Illusion or ActRaiser2 back in the day, you’re in for a treat.