Fresh GTA 5 Image Leaks, Quickly Removed from Rockstar’s Website

Update: Over 20 screenshots have surfaced. Check them out here.

Update 2: Full details about GTA 5 have surfaced, including information about gameplay mechanics, multiplayer, modifications, and more. 

Did you enjoy the three new trailers that released earlier this week for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5? Of course you did. Well, don’t expect that media rush to be the end of the open-world news for the week. A new piece of art has been discovered for this crime-themed epic, displaying what looks to be a not-so-friendly meeting between two of the main characters.

Michael and Franklin can be seen in this latest image, which was found in Rockstar Games' comments section earlier today. It looks to be just a simple examination of firearms, but since it was later removed (likely by a moderator), there must be something here that the developer wasn’t ready to let out quite yet. Either way, throw this one on the pile of striking scenes so far displayed for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Michael, Franklin. and Trevor will be the game's three protagonists. Along with this trio of violent men, a number of side characters have also been unearthed. The project, which was first announced in October of 2011, is set and ready to be released Sept. 17 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. PC and next-generation console releases have not yet been announced, but it’s likely that we’ll at least see a port on the PC after the initial console lunch. Take Two, as always, will be publishing the game.

Really, think of GTA 5 as the last, massive release on the current generation of consoles, as both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 are expected to hit this holiday.