Turbulent, Subversive, Banned: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday Courts Controversy This Spring

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an interactive drama with rebellion in its blood. Directed by Navid Khonsari (Alan Wake, Resident Evil 7, GTA: Vice City) it drawns upon his personal experience growing up during the Iranian Uprising of 1979, moulding gameplay into a politically charged vessel of restless action and cinematic exploration.

Despite its kickstarter campaign falling flat and getting banned in Iran, developer Ink Stories persisted with Black Friday, partnering with publisher Digerati on the road to release. The game has already been decorated with a number of awards and accolades, including Facebook Game of the Year 2017, IndieCade Grand Jury Award, and becoming a DICE Awards finalist for Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction.

Players step into the shoes of Reza Shirazi, a young photojournalist caught up in the chaos. Using your camera as a weapon, you’ll need to snap pictures of Tehran’s turbulence, make difficult choices, and archive pivotal moments in history. Be prepared for a poignant retelling of first-hand testimonies, urban triage, and interactive action sequences wrapped inside a curtain of unrest.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday will be releasing this spring for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.