1979 Revolution Game Seeks to Relive Iranian Uprising Through Kickstarter

Developer iNK Stories has taken to Kickstarter with an unusual proposition – a game set during the Iranian Revolution. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday has already rasied $58,856 of its $395,000 goal. 

The game promises to allow players to ignite a revolution in the suspenseful action/adventure game which is set during the gritty true events which occured in Iran in 1979.

1979 is in development for iOS but additional funding will see PC, Mac, and Android versions. Consoles may also see 1979 if there's enough raised in the Kickstarter. iNK's game is: 

"Told through the story of Reza, a young photojournalist in Tehran, during the electric and tumultuous days of the Iranian revolution in 1979. Without political or religious motivation, Reza is impassioned by the idea of change and embittered by the brutal loss of his cousin, he enlists and becomes a key player in the movement to overthrow the monarchy.

"Only months after the victorious revolt, Reza is betrayed by the new regime at the hand of his best friend."

The game includes actual stock footage from the Revolution and includes Navid Nagahban from Homeland and Farshad Farahat who starred in Argo among its cast. 

1979 Revolution is set for release in Spring, 2014.