GTA 5: Flying Lotus to Get His Own Radio Station

gta 5 lotus

Flying Lotus is an eclectic "experimental multi-genre music producer", whose work includes rap, IDM and ambient electronic. He confirmed last night at his Atlanta Concert for Flying Lotus that he would be getting his own radio station in Grand Theft Auto 5. The musician and producer debuted what fan and concert-goer FuzzyWuzzy called "a ton of new songs and information, including rapping a new Captain Murphy song produced by Hudson Mohawke." The information was revealed to us on the FUTUREbeats subreddit, one of the nicer places on the site.

For fans of IDM and fans of GTA, it's like two of the best things in the world have come together in a supercollision of awesome matter. The discovery of the next Higgs Boson particles can't be too far away from GTA 5.

Flying Lotus's announcement follows in the wake of the announcement that French retro-wave DJ Kavinsky would be contributing music to the game, perhaps in the form of his new track ProtoVision, which you can listen to at the following link here. The DJ noted on his Twitter account that his music would be featured on a new radio channel in-game called NightRide FM, which is set to feature other artists of the retro-wave genre.

More recently, Australian retro-wave outfit Power Glove was confirmed to provide the score for Ubisoft's upcoming first person shooter, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

It goes without saying that the genre's seen something of a renaissance since the release of Ryan Gosling's movie Drive.