Kick-ass Onrush Gameplay Keeps Hype Meter Up

Codemasters is probably best known for realistic racing games like Grid Autosport, the Dirt series, and yearly F1 releases. Onrush is something a little different. It’s not quite Micro Machines, but it really seems to zero in on arcade flavours rather than straight-up simulation. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky believes this is something that’s missing in today’s console marketplace. He says “gamers are crying out for” an arcade hero. Onrush seeks to fulfil that role not with a cape, but with sick nitro boosts, blazing fast battles, and antics so jaw-dropping Houdini’s eyes would pop out.

Out on the racing track, mayhem is law. You’re racing against opponents, but you’re also trying to fill up a ‘RUSH’ meter that enables you to execute special boosts and powered-up takedowns. Eight classes of vehicle will cater to different playstyles by offering diverse styles, controls and advantages. No matter which one you pick, there’s one requirement of all players: finish with flair.

Onrush hits the road from June 5 and will be playable on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Consider yourself a motorhead? Pre-orders are now open. By pre-purchasing, you receive access to an exclusive Day One edition which includes a Vortex Buggy. PlayStation 4 racers also unlock beta acccess before it officially opens in May.