Swaps and Traps Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but if you’re on the lookout for that one game that will turn your world around, Swaps and Traps is a brutal 2D knight in platforming armour that’s more than willing. TeamTrap’s penchant for twisting the essence of classic platformers reveals itself across over 100 levels of perspective-shifting puzzles, a likeable villain, and Mike, a decent enough hero.

In each level, you need to collect ‘cursed keys’ which activate the exit portal at a cost: the screen splits into different partitions that have been flipped either vertically or horizontally, and as you can imagine, this causes a neck-straining amount of chaotic goodness. There are also plenty of spikes and environmental obstacles driving up the complexity gauge, a bucketload of achievements, and an encouraging background timer that puts speedrunners to the test.

Anyone looking for a challenge romance can pick up Swaps and Traps via Steam (Windows) for $8.99 USD. It’s currently selling at a discounted price and supports a range of gamepads if you’re not a fan of keyboard controls.