The Evil Within 2 Gets A Free First Person Update

Tango Gameworks has just released an interesting new update for their survival horror title The Evil Within 2

While previously the game could only be played from the third-person camera view, players can now get close and personal in first person mode. The update is currently live for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Simply check the box for first-person mode in the Options menu, which can be changed later if necessary.

What’s more, the free update is also applicable to the trial version of the game allowing those interested in buying the game a chance to try the FPS segment out.

Released on October 13th 2017, The Evil Within 2 was met with critical acclaim, but this, unfortunately, didn’t translate as well into sales.

‘Embark on a gruelling journey to rescue a lost loved one in the chilling sequel to Shinji Mikami’s 2014 horror hit The Evil Within.

Step once more into the shoes of beleaguered detective Sebastian Castellanos – a man who has lost everything – as he returns to the experimental and mind-bending world of STEM to face down new nightmares in search of the one thing that still remains dear, his daughter Lily.’

The Evil Within 2 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.