Metal Gear Survive To Get Another Open Beta

Didn’t get a chance to try out Metal Gear Survive during its open beta period? Fear not, Konami is deploying another open-beta before it’s launch – just to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible.

The second beta will begin on Friday, February 16 and end on Sunday, February 18, just before the official launch of the game. The open beta will also allow PC players to give the game a test, which it didn’t the previous time. The full game is set to launch properly on February 20, 2018. If you do happen to give the beta a run through, you’ll unlock exclusive content that will carry over to the final game.

‘METAL GEAR SURVIVE builds upon METAL GEAR SOLID V’S enduring stealth action gameplay while introducing the new elements of exploration and survival to create a bold new experience.
METAL GEAR SURVIVE is a spin off from the main METAL GEAR SOLID V story that takes place in a strange alternative universe. 
Create your own character and learn to survive. Scavenge resources, craft weapons, build a base camp and explore the unknown while developing the survival skills necessary in this hostile environment.’

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