Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Reveal Date Rumored to be Outed

battlefield 4

When Battlefield 4 was revealed by DICE and EA Games a couple days back, they only showcased the game's single-player campaign and none of its multiplayer features, which many assume will be revealed at some later date.

Well, today a Russian EA employee named "Bitty" stated to Russian fans in the Battlefield community that the game's multiplayer will be shown off at the end of the month: on March 30, to be precise.

He wrote: "30 марта нам покажут мультиплеер."

That's Russian for: "Multiplayer will be shown to us on March 30."

The employee "Bitty" has been confirmed by members in the Battlefield community to work for Electronic Arts and is the one who had apparently tipped fans off about the "Fishing in Baku" gameplay video by stating it would be more than 12 minutes long. For a fact, the video was over 17 minutes long and revealed a ton of information about the game—at least of it's single player campaign.

According to members of the BF community on reddit, Bitty has been with the company since Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and has been a reliable source of hints.

It remains to be seen whether he's right or wrong, but the community seems to think he's spot on.