Get Your Daily Dose of Immortality With The Mind’s Eclipse

Sci-fi adventure The Mind’s Eclipse has at last liberated its fallen utopia for visual novel fans to dive into. Cast your mind back to the days of black and white film, because everything in this game is presented in edgy, bold, hand-sketched black and white visuals. Beyond the monochromatic panoramas, there’s a colourful mystery hidden between journal pages and inside chatlogs, plus an assembly of morally grey characters.

You play as Jonathan Campbell, a celebrity scientist. He awakens to the diastrous post-CORE aftermath, where plans to rid the human race of death and illness have somehow gone terribly wrong. To make matters worse, a mysterious malady known only as ‘The Sickness’ is spreading. Now your only hope to find Jonathan’s missing loved ones and survive 2352 is to piece the clues together, and occasionaly put your faith in a strange companion, L.

Interested players can purchase their copy of The Mind’s Eclipse through Steam or for $9.99 USD.