Morally Grey Sci-Fi ‘The Mind’s Eclipse’ Pinpoints Release Date

In hand drawn visual novel The Mind’s Eclipse, celeb scientist Jonathan Campbell wakes up in a private research station where everything’s fallen into ruin. Once a thriving utopia, the CORE of 2352 is an uncoloured shadow of what it used to be, and within its gloomy corridors Jonathan needs to collect logs and fragmented journal pieces to make sense of everything. 

A mysterious companion, L, is there to assist him achieve his goals, from locating missing family members to finally unravelling the secret of the CORE. Each screen presents an opportunity for interactive exploration. However, complicating Jonathan’s journey is a cast of morally ambiguous characters who may or may not be invested in his success.

The idea for The Mind’s Eclipse‘s story came to Mind’s Eclipse Interactive director Donald Campbell during a solo road trip and evolved into a narrative-driven adventure steeped in puzzles and sci-fi intrigue.   

The Mind’s Eclipse is scheduled to release on January 25 through Steam and for PC, Mac and Linux.

Interested players can try out a demo of The Mind’s Eclipse here.