Former Quantic Dream Designer & Sega Collaborating on New IP

Japanese publisher Sega will be joining forces with former Quantic Dream designer Caroline Marchal on a new “narrative driven gaming experience”.

Marchal, who last year founded studio Interior Night, says she is “excited to work with Sega” on a novel IP which combines the talents of both teams in a narrative-focused manner. This sounds an awful lot like Quantic Dream’s current approach to gameplay, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to the expect tense, dramatic action sequences Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are renowned for. In an interview with, Marchal also said Interior Night would focus on “innovative and accessible narrative games” with “streamlined mechanics” in the hopes of reaching the casual gaming demographic who might use their console for Netflix or online shopping. After an 11 year stint with Quantic Dream, she is also reportedly looking to “explore new territories in the narrative genre”.

Things are looking good on Sega’s end, too. An eventful 2017 saw the rebirth of classic Sega titles on mobile (as well as the freemium release of Crazy Taxi), partnerships with indie titles Barbaric and Endless Space 2, and a coalition with vintage console accessory maker Retro-Bit. That’s not to mention the realease of both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces — two mascot platformers starring the Blue Blur within one year.