High-Flying Adventure InnerSpace Lets You Commandeer the Skies & Seas

PolyKnight Games’ InnerSpace is a kickstarter success story that doesn’t mind if you have your head in the clouds. Exploratory, introspective, and full of wanderlust, it invites players to participate in an ethereal pilgrimage through a place known as the ‘inverse’.

In contrast to the universe, this mind-bending realm has no directions, no horizon, and everything is turned inside out, including the planets themselves. There’s almost a biblical flavour to it, since there’s a very weak distinction between sky and sea; the same aircraft can be adapted with ancient technologies to manoeuvre both above and below water level—a flying submarine. As Cartographer, your role will involve helping the Arcaheologist to recover priceless relics which are sprinkled amongst extinct civilisations, and hopefully, archive some very special memories. The inverse is dying, but the demigods within it haven’t withered away yet, so you should be able to make use of their abilities if you fly carefully enough.

InnerSpace is out now on Steam (PC, Mac & Linux), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can make it yours for $19.99 USD.