Jeff Kaplan Talks About Overwatch Changes To Junkrat and Mercy


In the past, Overwatch characters Junkrat and Mercy have been subject to a considerable amount of criticism. As a result, the characters have gone through numerous changes. Jeff Kaplan, the ever vocal director behind the hit game was more than happy to share the changes with the community.

In an Interview with the YouTube channel, YourOverwatch Kaplan said: “The Mercy and Junkrat changes were based upon feedback that we had been feeling ourselves.”

He continued, stating that the Overwatch community doesn’t always agree on certain character elements, but the team does try to find alignments to attend to everyone’s needs.

 “I play a ton of Overwatch and I have very strong opinions about, you know, how those characters feel to both play and play against,” Kaplan said. “There’s the community at large whose very vocal, and at no one time do I try to lump the community into one bucket. I think there are thousands of micro-communities is what we’re really talking about. There’s not how the community ever feels about things, but there was a surprising amount of alignment about where we were with those two heroes in particular. And then there was a lot of feedback from the pros about how they were feeling about both of those heroes as well. And again there was a lot of alignment.”

So there you have it, Kaplan, has reassured fans that no changes are taken lightly, especially considering the size of each community.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.