Escape From Tarkov Ushers in New Year With Special Event

Hardcore militaristic shooter Escape From Tarkov is finishing off 2017 with a new map, special holiday event, and a free seven day pass to a handful of website subscribers.

A recent update clarifies that the game will be entering open beta stages early next year. In the mean time, players can get stuck into the complete Shoreline map, which comes bundled together with additional weapons (AKMS & AKMN included) and modifications, plus Trijicon REAP-IR thermal sight and customisable Ops-Core helments.

General changes:

  • Redesigned gameplay  Deployment, weapon mastering & extraction systems revised
  • Enhanced customisation – Helmets & head gear slots can now be tweaked
  • Dog tag removal – Players can take away dog tags of deceased enemies
  • Kill List visibility – End of Raid screen offers players opportunity to view list of eliminated characters

Anyone interested in taking Escape From Tarkov for a spin can purchase one of four editions with a 25% discount, here. For the time being, it’s only available on Windows.

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