Escape From Tarkov Closed Beta Now Underway

Described as The Division meets STALKER, Battlestate Games’ upcoming hardcore FPS Escape From Tarkov has just plunged headfirst into closed beta. The beta was originally scheduled for 2016, but it seems more time was needed to refine the trading system and introduce the Scavs, a new playable faction. Any players who have pre-ordered the game should have access, but Battlestate Games clarified that those who purchased early access packages earlier will gain admission first.

The launch of the closed beta introduces key updates like a revamped Shoreline. Existing locations have been balanced out, additional items, medicines and equipment have been woven into gameplay, and both the economy and insurance systems have been further refined.

It’s not too late to sign up for the closed-beta right now, with the standard tier coming in at $44.95 USD including extra starting equipment. The Left Behind edition costs $74.99 USD and offers increased stash size and more resources and equipment, and the Prepare For Escape edition secures more cash, a larger container, and good standing with in-game traders on top of aforementioned bonuses. Finally, the limited run Edge of Darkness edition scores you a unique in-game ID, free access to all upcoming DLC, and a combat tactical tomahawk.