Persona 5 Fans Can Still Indulge in Premium Vinyl Soundtracks

Vinyl LPs have made a ferocious comeback in 2017, salvaging a bit of the eighties inside every soundtrack that refused to become a CD or digital download. Naturally, Atlus’ hit JRPG title Persona 5 has followed suit. The Japanese developer has curated an eclectic ensemble of jazz and pop tunes in partnership with iam8bit, and whilst pre-orders have been open since May, the time for delivery has arrived at last.

As a special tribute to fans, iam8bit, Atlus and Sega documented the entire process of creating Persona 5‘s vinyls, from mastering sounds to packaging the final product. The latest episode in the series shows iam8bit co-owners opening the first Persona 5 vinyl LP, so if you’d like to whet your musical appetite, watch the therapeutic unpacking video here.

Those interested can still purchase the Essential Edition soundtrack through iam8bit’s store. It consists of four LPs that include Persona 5‘s most popular tracks and will set you back $100 USD. The 6xLP Deluxe Edition (featuring all 110 song listings from the game) enjoyed a limited run of 1,000 copies, selling at a slightly pricier $175 USD. It’s now sold out.