YouTuber Transforms Breath of The Wild Motorbike Into Sonic, Road Runner

It was during this year’s Game Awards that Nintendo announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be releasing its second batch of DLC, The Champions’ Ballad. It follows the June release of The Master Trials, but introduces a surprising new form of transportation not mentioned at E3.

At around the two minute ten second mark, Link appears on screen riding a motorcycle, a wild departure from the typical equine transport as well as the comparatively low-tech paraglider. But if you thought a bike was crazy, one modder decided to kick things up a notch. A YouTuber who goes by the moniker ‘WilianZilv’ has given Breath of the Wild‘s latest DLC a Looney Tunes and SEGA themed makeover. Check them out below.

WilianZilv seems to have been whipping up Breath of the Wild mods since a couple of months ago. His previous efforts include Shrek, Goku, Kratos, and a playable Princess Zelda.