Nintendo E3: Breath of the Wild DLC Gets Release Date

You know it’s a different era of gaming when something as celebrated as The Legend of Zelda receives DLC. At Nintendo’s E3 presentation, the company announced an expansion pass for Breath of the Wild, which in fact contains two packs of DLC. Both DLC packs expand the content of the base game, and of course do require that you own Breath of the Wild. The first DLC pack, The Master Sword, includes eight new pieces of armour, a Korok mask, Travel Medallion, Master Mode, Hero’s Path Mode, and Trial of the Sword. It’s coming out on June 30.

The second lot of DLC is called The Champions’ Ballad and brings a new dungeon and new story content to the table. Note: the DLC packs can’t be bought separately and need to be purchased together via the Expansion Pass. The Champion’s Ballad DLC will release during the holiday season of 2017. If you missed Nintendo’s E3 broadcast, make sure you check it out on Twitch.