The Deer God Arrives on Switch This Month

Sumptuous pixel art platformer The Deer God is headed towards Nintendo Switch’s shores, it has been revealed. Originally released for PC, Mac and Linux back in 2015, developers Crescent Moon Games and Blowfish Studios are uniting to deliver the spiritual survival journey to Switch owners just in time for Christmas.

In what is probably the next best thing to becoming one of Santa’s reindeers, players assume the role of an adventurous deer, explore endless forests, engage in scintillating stoushes with forest dwelling foes, and level up their antlers by the power of ancient statues.

Hidden deep within cabins and underground caverns are special items which will aid you on your procedurally generated quest, which charts night and day in a perfect circadian cycle. You’ll also have the opportunity to reincarnate into other animals, though there seems to be subtle encouragement to complete the game in your own skin. Once a deer, always a deer.

The Deer God comes out for Switch on December 21. It’ll cost you $7.99 USD.