Visceral Games Developing Unannounced Titles

Visceral Games Unannounced Titles

An executive at Electronic Arts's LinkedIn profile lit up the video game rumor mill on Monday, revealing the development of two titles by Visceral Games, according to .

The studio, which released Dead Space 3 earlier this month, is allegedly working on two unannounced titles, one of which is the studio's "fastest greenlit" and "most desirable" project, according to comments made by the executive. 

Hans ten Cate, the EA's senior director of business development, wrote on his CV, which is available on his LinkedIn profile, that he "developed a concept with small team of 5 for AAA game that became the fastest greenlit and most desired project at Visceral Games."

Needless to say, the Internet is all a flutter trying to figure out what the title could be, such as maybe a sequel to Dante's Inferno, or maybe the rumored Jack the Ripper?

The title will apparently be released in 2014 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC, or whatever consoles are out at that time.

The other title is apparently an "action game" targeted for the PC.

What are you expecting from Visceral Games, which has consistently created high-quality video games? Sound off in the comments below.