Frenzied Shmup Devader Aims at Q4 Steam Release

Wave-based shmups might seem like a nineties relic, but developer Falkenbrew insists the days of epic boss battles and pyrotechnic bullet storms are far from over. In Devader, which was recently on display at the Zurich Game Show and will be maintaining its momentum at Kiev Casual Connect, you become the robot guardian of a dying civilisation.

As a ‘Devader’, your role is to obliterate the incessant hordes of Krin invaders. For every six waves you defeat, a massive boss will test your strength, rewarding you with extra game mechanics (such as turrets and nukes) plus upgrades. There are 12 different upgrade trees, which can affect everything from play style to your robot, and even the outcome of each wave. To guarantee a peaceful end, you’ll need to conquer a total of 42 waves and outsmart seven bosses.

Devader has a tentative release frame set for January 2018, but Falkenbrew hopes to unleash it into the wild before year’s end. Devader will launch on PC, Mac and Linux. Interested players can wishlist it on Steam today.