Paperbark’s Beautiful, Bucolic Charm Persists in Harsh Aussie Wildlife

The painted, watercolour vistas of Paperbark are a soothing tribute to historical and contemporary Australian landscape artists. Developer Paper House says it’s a “love letter to wandering through the bush”. But there’s no Blinky Bill hiding in the trees, or Miss Magpie to scold you for misbehaving. Paperbark is a true-blue, Australian made adventure that lets you explore the unforgiving outback through the eyes of a wombat.

It’s the recipient of a number of awards, including the 2015 GCAP Student Showcase and Intel Level Up’s Best Game – Open Genre for 2017.

A freshly released trailer shows the sleepy protagonist tucking into a tree nook, fumbling through fallen branches, and joyously bathing in a bed of pollinated flowers. Players will need to assist the wombat with problem solving, foraging for interesting things, and hopefully, collecting some bush tucker to fill its tummy.

Paperbark will be playable at PAX Aus as part of the PAX Rising showcase. It is expected to fully release during 2018. Specific platforms are yet to be revealed. (Correction: Paperbark will be releasing for iPhone and iPad)