Solo Project ‘Apocalypse: The Game’ Storms Toward Release

Upcoming zombie survival extraordinaire Apocalypse: The Game has been given a release date. Arriving on November 1 via Steam, one-man development team Harley Game Studios plans to launch with a Windows build, then follow through with releases for Mac and Linux operating systems.

Apocalypse: The Game rests on a backbone of immersive, hand-crafted environments. Set against a perpetual blanket of darkness, it tasks players with scavenging items, building structures and creating shelters to act as temporary shields against the deadly zombie swarms. Hunger, dehydration and polluted air ramp up the challenge level by acting as natural enemies in your desperate fight for survival.

Fortunately, Apocalypse: The Game throws players a bone with a variety of sparsely distributed driveable vehicles. They can be used as protection, and as a quick means of accessing new areas, but come with a limited fuel supply and aren’t immune to damage.

Interested players can add Apocalypse: The Game to their Steam wishlist today.