Halo Wars 2 Is Getting Crossplay Soon

343 Industries RTS iteration of the popular Halo franchise, Halo Wars 2 will be getting crossplay soon.

The announcement was made on Halo Waypoint whereby the studio said that very soon PC and Xbox One players will be able to play together in the near future.

“During our 10/17 live stream we also dropped breaking news of another new feature coming in the next game update – Crossplay for Xbox and Windows 10 PCs,” the post reads. “As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, players have the ability to enjoy Halo Wars 2 on their console or PC, but up until now that has not included cross-platform online play.

Crossplay has been a passion project for the team and frankly was something we weren’t sure would be feasible to incorporate at this stage in the game’s development. The team has worked hard to deliver this feature and final testing indicates it’s ready for release into the wild. Crossplay, Arena support, and the Xbox One X visual enhancements are all targeted for release in late October.”

Halo Wars 2 released earlier this year and was met with overall good reviews. When crossplay launches for this RTS title it will probably pull those scores a little higher – let’s hope we see more crossplay from 343 Industries in the future.