Picturesque Adventure TUNIC Updated With New Trailer

If you’ve got a soft spot for fantasy puzzle games like Hob, Andrew Shouldice’s isometric creation Tunic is definitely worth a look.

Tunic puts players in the role of a tiny, low-poly fox who is mysteriously stranded on a sequence of lush islands. Armed with sword and shield, he needs to explore the environments, charting wild plains, infiltrating spooky ruins, and battling ancient creatures that resisted time’s flow.

In a recent progress video, Shouldice explains the concept of greyboxing, which involves blocking out approximate shapes and structures that may be used in a game’s final design. None of Tunic’s game assets are finalised yet, but groundwork (stairways, secret areas and so on) is being laid down for the Unity-based project. Tunic has a faint semblance to the isometric gameplay present in Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, so it will be interesting to see how it compares upon release. 

Tunic will be releasing in 2018 for PC and Mac. Interested players can add it to their Steam wishlist today.

Alternatively, for a more hands-on experience, Tunic will be playable at Twitch Con. Twitch Con takes place at the Long Beach Convention Centre from October 20-22.