Leland Yee Apologises for Accusing Gamers of Having a ‘Lust for Violence’

Following the response to Leland Yee's suggestion that gamers should “quiet down” because their “lust for violence” gives them “no credibility” in the argument on gun violence, the California State Senator has Tweeted an apology. Of sorts.

Okay, so he accidentally used the wrong phrase. It can happen in an interview, although as one of the replies to the Tweet points out, “lust for violence” is quite a bit stronger than “conflict of interest”:

And on that line of thought, what is our conflict of interest as far as the actual issue of gun violence is concerned? Gamers wouldn't be considered a group with such a conflict had people like those reps from the NRA not brought us into the debate in the first place. If the very fact that we stand accused of contributing to the problem means we're no longer allowed to speak up, then does that mean the NRA has to shut up too? What if I publicly state that the issue of gun violence is just a problem with North America as a whole? Does that mean all its citizens have to “quiet down” too, and another country gets to step in and decide what to do about it? What a clever way to solve debates.

I'd like to state for the record that Leland Yee clearly has a conflict of interest as far as video games are concerned. Much as he might claim to have “a lot of respect for many gamers”, he is obviously biased against the industry and should “just quiet down” himself. Until he and others like him do so, why the hell should we?