Skyrim Survival Mode Is Free For A Limited Time

Bethesda’s survival mode for it’s FPS RPG, Skyrim has finally been released, adding hardcore survival elements to the title (you have to eat, drink, sleep, keep warm, walk and ride everywhere (fast travel has been disabled)).

While the mode is currently free via the Creation Club update, from October the 10th players will have to purchase the mod if they want to have a little bit more challenging gameplay.

The full list of changes in Survival Mode is as follows:

  • Hunger – Impacts overall stamina, ability to wield most weapons. Can be restored by eating food.
  • Fatigue – Decreases total available magicka, and reduces effectiveness of potions. Reversed by sleep.
  • Cold – Decreases total available health, and movement speed is reduced. Fixed with warm fire or hot soup.
  • Warmth – Freezing temperatures have less impact when you possess certain armours or hold a torch.
  • Freezing Water – Causes health damage and can lead to rapid death. Use Flame Cloak or Dunmer Ancestor’s Wrath for temporary immunity.
  • Fast Travel – Disabled. Travel options include horseback and walking.
  • Health Regeneration – Disabled. Restorative spells, potions and food are necessary to replenish health.
  • Levelling up – Can be achieved by sleeping in a bed.
  • Carry Weight – Massively reduced. Arrows and lockpicks have weight. Burdening yourself drains stamina.
  • Disease – Previous diseases are more debilitating, threatening new maladies introduced. Eating raw meat puts you at risk of food poisoning.
  • Afflictions – Linger even after your condition has improved. Includes weakened (less effective at using melee weapons), addled (all enchantments and spells are less effective) and frostbitten (less effective at picking locks)
  • Shrines – Now require a gold offering in exchange for curing diseases.
  • Perks & Standing Stones – The Extra Pockets and The Seed Stone allow 50 extra weight, not 100.
  • Vampires & Werewolves – Can restore hunger by feeding on victims. Are colder and slower while transformed.

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