Capcom Launches Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC Trailer

Note: Before you start to dabble into this story it’s best you understand that Resident Evil 7 spoilers are inbound!

Resident Evil 7 launched at the beginning of this year officially kicking off on store shelves January 24, 2017. The video game was Capcom’s attempt at bringing back the survival horror element that the Resident Evil series relied on when it first launched but has since strayed away to a more blockbuster action-packed presence.

Likewise, the game took a first-person perspective rather than the standard third-person perspective we’ve become accustomed to with the franchise and luckily, Capcom’s gamble paid off. The video game was a huge success though if you enjoyed the title completely, you may have been left with a few questions at the end.

Players took on a completely new character for the Resident Evil 7 role, one that was not prepared to fight off an infected enemy such as the Baker family, though, through persistence, players could successfully complete the game with our protagonist, Ethan, safe and sound.

However, at the end, we were introduced to a series favorite and a staple character to the franchise, Chris Redfield. What we were not told is just what Chris Redfield was doing, but that will soon be answered thanks to the developers free DLC, Not A Hero.


In Not A Hero, players will take the role of Chris Redfield, answering our questions about what he was doing around the Baker family along with how Resident Evil 7 connects to past installments to the Resident Evil franchise.

Being Chris Redfield, there’s plenty of action in-store for players as our character is more adapt in handling the various infected enemies. For those who missed the action-packed moments, this could certainly be something to be excited about. For now, you can check out the latest trailer for the upcoming DLC above along with a game gallery to Resident Evil 7 down below.

Not A Hero is set to launch on December 12, 2017, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.