Hellish First-Person Horror Scorn Just Wants to be Loved

Scorn is a dark, phantasmagorical survival game where the environment itself – fleshy and hideous – becomes a character. Returning to kickstarter after a previous failed campaign, developer Ebb Software has sharpened its environments, fine-tuned the puzzles, inventory and ammo systems, and outlined the adaptive behaviour of ghoulish creatures you’ll encounter within the bloodstained corridors of Scorn’s serpentine, atmospheric open-ended world.

With no HUD or cutscenes to break immersion, you’ll be running on pure adrenaline. Strange biomechanical machinery must be operated to progress through locked doors. A limited range of weapons that resemble corpses more than guns are your only defence against the nightmares. Every action has repercussions, and Scorn leaves little room for sympathy.

At the time of publication, Scorn has raised €59,568 out of its €150,000 goal. You can secure yourself a copy of the game for €17, or invest in higher tiers for a digital world map, art book, t-shirt and even a limited edition Scorn figurine.

Scorn is looking at a 2018 release schedule. It will be divided into two parts, both for PC.