Destiny 2 Confirmed To Have Microtransactions

Considering the original Destiny’s infrastructure when it came to reaching deeper into a consumer’s pocket with expensive expansions that previously gated free content, and a host of microtransactions to make your Guardian better than those with a little less cash on hand – I don’t think that there was anyone who was expecting otherwise when it came to the sequel.

Destiny 2 has been officially confirmed to include microtransactions in the game via Silver – a currency which originally surfaced in Destiny 2. The news surfaced from a GameStop flyer indicating how much Silver you’ll be able to get with the amount of cash you have. In this case, $10 will get you 1100 Silver, and $20 will get you 2400 Silver.

In other Destiny 2 news, we’ve set up a guide for those looking to hop into the game with a decent skillset, check it out here.

Destiny 1 was kind of a big deal. As Bungie’s post-Halo video game venture, it felt new and old and weird in many, many ways. Destiny 2 continues the weirdness, and with an even greater audience, I foresee many a confused beginner in Destiny’s near future. Before diving directly into the world of Destiny 2, we’re here to provide want an overview of everything new Bungie’s weird MMO shooter sequel has to offer over the original. Welcome to Gameranx’s Beginner’s Guide, breaking down Destiny 2 for all you fresh Guardians out there.