Destiny 2 Community Manager Explains What You Can Do After The Campaign Ends

After Destiny’s rocky launch Bungie slowly realised what was lacking the title – Introducing what should have been in the game through lots of DLC updates. At the end of the day, the game became quite a compelling experience, offering loads of flesh out quests, raids and worlds that they player could partake in, so much so, that the players could let the campaign take a backseat and just traverse through the game without the need of understanding the narrative.

It seems like Bungie has learnt from this offering, stating that fans can expect no less in Destiny 2In an Interview with Heavy, community manager Deej stated that the post-game content in Destiny 2 will have fans coming back for more and more.

“Beyond the campaign, once the last cinematic plays out I think you’re going to find a lot more variety,” said DeeJ. “When you’re in a destination, you open the map and the map will be littered with all these different things you can do. You can go on adventures that will tell you more about those destinations and the characters that you’ll discover in those places. You’re used to walking up to a character in The Tower or in a social space like The Reef or Felwinter Peak, but you’ll actually walk up to characters in destinations and interact with them.”

“So they will put on this map different things like adventures or Lost Sectors,” he continued. “There are more things to experience as part of the end game aside from raids, aside from the Nightfall, and, you know, Crucible end game activities. There are things you can do in the world to expand your understanding of those places or get rewards. Public Events that you can see on the map you’ll know when they begin, instead of people literally wandering around the world of Destiny hoping a Public Event would start. Or crowdsourcing together to figure out a map. This will be a function that is served in the game. So many things where people were dropping the controller and picking this up (holds up smart phone) are now in the game.

“You’re going to learn more about the story in the game. You’re going to understand when the Public Events start in the game. You’re going to be able to interact with other players and manage your clan in the game. And, what we want to do is immerse people’s minds in the world of the game and not force them to leave to make their experience complete. I think you’re going to find, even independent of the raid, there’s a far greater variety of things to do to enjoy your Guardian lifestyle after the final cutscene has played out.”

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.