Quantum Break Will Receive Xbox One X Enhancements

Remedy Entertainment’s third-person shooter, Quantum Break has been announced to receive Xbox One X enhancements.

Confirmed at Gamescom 2017 by Remedy’s Aaron Greenberg Quantum break will benefit from Xbox One X’s 6 TF power, bringing improved visuals and 4K resolution.bringing improved visuals and 4K resolution.

A release date for the patch hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, however, we should hear news regarding this soon. Stay tuned to Gameranx.com for more info.

In other Quantum Break news, the devs have been planning for the title to go multi-platform for years, could we see a PS4 version of the title soon?

Remedy Entertainment is well-known developer with a lot of history for developing stellar titles, and is behind some of the most critically acclaimed games in the industry, such as Max Payne, Max Payne 2, Alan Wake, and most recently, Quantum Break.

Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake was recently featured in a video interview with GameReactor, via WCCFTech, where he discussed the studio’s ambition to go multi-platform with their upcoming titles. However, he praised the relationship the studio currently has with Microsoft.

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