Friday The 13th: The Game Receiving New Counselors, Map, Jason, And More!

The Friday The 13th: The Game had been a massive success since its initial launch. The video game, developed by IllFonic, has players taking on the role of either Jason Voorhees or camp counselors. Much like the classic beloved film franchise, Jason is tasked with killing all the counselors while the latter is aimed at either stopping Jason or escaping the area.

Since its launch, the video game has found a lively community of players and we expect that there could be a bigger resurgence of players interested in the video game once again shortly. Recently, the video game received a brand new website which updated viewers that a slew of new content will soon be hitting the video game title.

While the developers alerted their community of players of the new content, specific details are still very much under wraps. For starters, the video game title will soon have a new playable Jason Voorhees which will have new kills available. Likewise, current Jason Voorhees’ will have new kills as well, but what those kills are remained to be seen.

New maps are also in the works for the video game along with two new counselors, but again, the development studio was silent on details. One thing that was mentioned is that the maps will be ripped straight from the films.

Gamers might notice that currently, Retro Jason may be missing from their video game. This is intentional as the Retro Jason will be tweaked and placed back into the game in about a month with new music.

Unfortunately, there’s no release date for the new content heading to the video game. Likewise, there is no mention of the single-player mode that was previously spoken of by the developers. At any rate, the Friday the 13th: The Game is currently available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.