Voxatron first look

Voxatron is an interesting looking game. It is a 3d pixelated world, where the little 3d pixels are called voxels. The whole game is displayed in a virtual 128x28x64 display, which included the menus and player inventory. It started out as development as an adventure game within a voxel world, but later on the development fused with an arena shooter he had also been working on. The result looks something like a platformer, bullet hell shooter, Zelda clone with a unique style I haven't seen elsewhere. The environments are destructible, but both I and lexaloffle, the developer, isn't sure how big the implications are on gameplay.

In his words the game is "it's quite a simple game at heart — mostly just Robotron set in a 3d destructible world with goofy creatures…the game takes place in a small set of arenas. Some of them feature rooms with set action pieces, somewhere between Knightlore and Smash TV. This is some of the original adventure based design sneaking back in, and an excuse to create thematic environments.

The game is slated to be released in the fall of this year. He is planning on getting a single arena preview version as well.