Solve Puzzles To Win Free Copy of Full Ace Tennis Simulator 2017

Right now, tennis fans worldwide are more than likely tuned into Wimbledon, watching Swiss maestro Roger Federer and Venus Williams work their magic on the court. But what happens during the lull between the grand slams? Well, independent French developer Galactic Gaming Guild has you covered. It’s currently working on tennis sim Full Ace Tennis Simulator 2017, and already has a rough Summer release date pencilled in. Just yesterday, it also announced a special competition that gives players the chance to snag a free copy of the full game.

The puzzle involves correctly identifying a tennis player and contacting Galactic Gaming Guild with the answer through Facebook or email. Interested players can give it a go right here. This is the first step of the contest, so stay tuned to Galactic Gaming Guild’s Facebook page for further details.

Galactic Gaming Guild has revealed four new screenshots showcasing character models to be featured in the game, which will take place across locations mimicking real-world tennis tournaments. The 2017 edition of Full Ace Tennis Simulator is the first installment to use Hawk-Eye, a precision ball-tracking system originally implemented on courts in 2006 at the US Open.

Via Gameblog