Titanfall 2’s Latest Update Is Now Up And Running

The latest update for Titanfall 2, Monarch Reign is now live. You can download it via your platforms relevant download manager.

Monarch’s Reign introduces a menacing new Titan called ‘Monarch’, remastered map titled ‘Relic’ and a host of other additions into the mix.

Monarch has been described as a “Midrange vanguard-class” Titan who upgrades over time and has the ability to drain other Titans to maintain your or allies shields. Monarch weaponry features a chain gun as well as a missile system similar to Tone and has a pretty freakin’ epic execution which rips the pilot out the enemy Titan and squishes him/her in her hand.

The update has also brought a new Prime Titan skins for Ronin and Tone along with new nose art, camos and callsigns to purchase from the store. Players can also expect a new execution to earn called Now You See Me which works with the Cloak ability.

Finally, the fan favourite, Titanbrawl, has made a return, offering double XP and loads of explosions.

Hopefully, this update will bring more players back to this brilliant game. It’s a pity to see such an amazing title suffer due to poor releasement schedule.

Titanfall 2 is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.