Kartong – Death By Cardboard! Makes an Incision Into VR

European virtual reality studio SVRVIVE is currently working on a strange and deadly title that students will dread. That line isn’t clickbait, I assure you. Kartong – Death By Cardboard! is a stealth FPS hybrid that’s all about paper cuts. Sharp, white paper. Supple, exposed fingers. If you’re not already disturbed you should be.

Fortunately, this game is virtual. Set inside the fictional city of Kartong, it tasks players with surviving in a maze full of evil toys. Your only defence as you progress through procedurally generated levels is a very substandard weapon made of office supplies. Slog through tons of difficulty levels, wipe out cardboard baddies, and challenge your friends. Interestingly, Kartong – Death By Cardboard! was inspired from a game jam that didn’t quite go according to plan. But SVRVIVE stuck with it, adding high scores and collectibles into its world. SVRVIVE is probably best known for the 2016 VR title SVRVIVE: The Deus Helixwhich featured on Steam’s global VR bestsellers list multiple times.

Kartong – Death By Cardboard! is coming out later in 2017 for multiple VR platforms (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are confirmed for the full release).