Hello Neighbor Announced for Xbox One; Release Date Set for the End of August

Today, developer TinyBuild announced that their upcoming stealth horror title, Hello Neighbor, is set to release on August 29.

In addition to the release date announcement, Tiny Build also revealed that the game is coming to Xbox One. It will launch simultaneously on both consoles. With the release date finally locked in, Tiny Build took to their Steam page to release a new video to show how they built the always-changing AI.

Check it out down below:

To celebrate, I published a video of how the original AI worked in the Pre-Alpha for Hello Neighbor. It gives you a rundown of the Neighbor’s logic.

Since the Pre-Alpha, the AI has evolved significantly. We’re in deep crunch right now, so if we find time, maaaybe we’ll do a video for the current state.

For those who don’t know what Hello Neighbor is about, check out the official description of the game down below:

You move into a brand new suburb and notice your neighbor is hiding something in his basement. The only logical thing to do is to break into his house and figure out what he’s hiding.

  • Stealth Horror

  • Procedural AI 

  • Pixar-style visuals 

  • Extremely tense gameplay

Hello Neighbor is set to release for PC and Xbox One on August 29.