Tiny Troopers 2 Lets You Take on Enemies of the Free World

A sequel to 2012’s miniature top-down war game Tiny Troopers, Kukouri is back and teaming up with Starloop Studios SL to bring us Tiny Troopers 2. This time around, players can expect enhanced graphics and streamlined controls, and the tiny minions are even dressed in brand-spanking new uniforms—including a matador and quarterback diguise. Like the original, 30 levels stand in your path waiting to be knocked down. Three different modes of difficulty, an additional couple of Steam-exclusive game modes and zombie survival levels promise to keep gameplay full of surprises.

Tiny Troopers 2 takes place in four different areas, and tasks players with shutting down drug lords, preventing nuclear launches and the production of dangerous chemical weapons. The top-down perspective enables more effective strategising in a frenzied battlefield, letting players destroy targets, escape from potentially damaging situations, or go crazy with a machine gun mounted on a jeep to obliterate everything in sight.

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops is due to launch on May 31 for PC and Mac.