Mass Effect Andromeda 1.07 Hotfix Notes

The 1.07 patch notes for Mass Effect: Andromeda have been released and at a hefty (~1,2GB) it fixes just a number of small issues. This hotfix comes just days after the 1.06 patch release which altered the game in quite a few ways.

The patch should be live across PC, Xbox One, and PS4. If PC players are experiencing issues Producer Michael Gamble recommends players go offline in Origin, launch the game and then going back online. Players can also just restart Origin.

Hotfix 1.07

  • Fixed issue where server would auto disconnect when sending strike teams on APEX missions.
  • Fixed a crash on UNC Outlaw when nearing outpost of signal source. (Kadara S.O.S.)
  • The Athletic Casual Outfit will now unlock for all entitled players (Deluxe edition content)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented completion of the Nomad upgrades / Shield Crafting quest.¬†Please travel back to the Tempest in order to trigger completion.
  • [PC only] Fixed a HUD issue where some large non-standard resolutions would have elements centered in the middle of the screen

if you missed the patch notes from 1.06, notable changes include:

Buffs to Biotic combos and combos, in general, alongside assault rifles and shotguns. The difficulty of the Outlaw faction will also be receiving a buff. Dialogue changes, cinematic fixes and the general bug fixes.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.