Mind-bending, Lovecraft-Inspired Conarium Gets Release Date

Independent developer Zoetrope Interactive has unveiled a release date for its upcoming first-person horror adventure game, ConariumInspired by the works of horror master H.P.Lovecraft, Conarium follows the story of Frank Gilman, a marooned scientist who was once part of an Antarctic expedition. Now, without any memories to keep him sane, he must manoeuvre surrounding environments in search for clues, determine the nature of a strange device, and avoid the wrath of otherworldly creatures.

And it turns out, beyond the unsettling, atmospheric soundtrack, there’s a deeper mystery at play. Protagonist Frank Gilman is in fact, dead. Like Lazarus, he’s come back, but as a changed man; an alien sensation within him screams for attention, never quite telling him whether he’s lost something good and pure, or acquired shards of malevolence instead.

Conarium will launch via Steam for $19.99 USD on June 6 – just in time for E3. Check out the launch trailer below.